Prof. Dr. Vicente Sinining, PhD., PDCILM

Prof. Dr. Vicente Sinining at Columbia University in New York, USA Professor Vicente Sinining is the founder and Managing Director of VCS Research Limited, established in Washington, DC, USA in 1996 and registered at Rwanda Development Board in 2018. He serves as the publisher and chief editor of The Voice -the official journal of VCS Research. He is actively involved as an external reviewer of international scientific journals in Europe. He is currently a Full Professor at the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba in Rwanda.

He is a Professional Educator since 1988 and has taught in the Philippines (8 years ), United States (18 years ), Pacific Islands (2 years ), Africa ( 8 years ), Eastern Europe (as a Visiting Professor for 7 years ). He served as the research supervisor for Master and PhD students since 1996. He actively serves as an external reviewer for PhD Thesis at various universities in North and South America, Asia and in Europe. He is currently based in Rwanda.

Professor Sinining served as an accredited diplomat at the United Nations in New York, USA with s functional and diplomatic title of Counselor for Economic and Political Affars. He represented the Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, under the authority of the President. He previously served as the Senior Adviser to the Government of Nauru at the United Nations in New York. He was also a Designated Scholar of Columbia University in New York and a Senior Fellow at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Professor Sinining is a PhD Research Supervisor and External Reviewer at Intake Group Limited - an Education Consultancy company based in Kigali, Rwanda, representing fully-accredited universities (for Online Distance Learning, or On-Campus Study in Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Norway, Sweden, Australia, China, Singapore, and South Korea. Intake is the authorized invigilation center for ODL students in the Master and PhD level who are based in East Africa.

He serves as the Managing Director of Light Publications Limited (Light Magazine) since 2016. Light Magazine is a local Rwandan company with the main purpose of publishing journals, magazines, newspapers, video documentaries, and other documentation and publishing activities. It publishes a monthly magazine called Light Magazine. It is one of the very few publication companies in Rwanda that consistently published a monthly issue since 2016. It is duly registered at Rwanda Media Council (RMC ), Rwanda Regulatory Board (RGB ), and Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA ). The company was established by Mr. Ernest Nyetera, a former MBA student of Professor Sinining. Presently, Prof. Sinining also serves as the senior adviser of MNK Digital Group Limited, a private limited Company incorporated in Rwanda. MNK offers high quality and affordable Cooperative Management System software to cooperatives, enabling all beneficiaries gain access to the use of the software at an affordable cost.

Professor Sinining served in various capacity as University Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Vice-President, Provost, Dean of Graduate School, and Professor of Education, Management, Leadership, and Research Methods for over ten years. He came to Rwanda in 2016 and served as Vice -Chancellor and Professor of Education and Management at Mahatma Gandhi University. In 2018, MGUR closed and he was appointed as University Coordinator and Professor at Christian University of Rwanda. Professor Sinining served for eight years as a Senior Adviser and accredited diplomat to select Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York, USA with a diplomatic rank of Counselor for Economic and Political Affairs. He continues to serve remotely as a Senior Adviser to select Heads of State and Government of Small Island Developng States at the United Nations.

Professor Sinining is appointed official representative of Leading Advisors Marketing USA that provides Full Scholarships in the USA, Europe, and South America, and special programs inclusing Work and Study, Permanent Residency, among others.

Professor Sinining is also appointed official representative of Hotel, Tourism, and Maarketing Association (HTMA GLOBAL) since 2016. HTMA provides Bachelor, Master, and PhD by Research programs from European Universities, Honorary PhD, On Campus study, Master and PhD by research, International Internships, Work and Study, among others.

Professor Sinining holds a BS degree in Chemical engineering from the Philippines; BS Degree in Computer Science, Master's degree in Education, PhD in Education in the United States; PhD in Management in Lithuania; and a Post-Doctorate in Management in the Netherlands. In 1994, he was recognized by Marqui's Who's Who in the United States as one of the Most Outstanding American Educators. Since 1996, he serves as a Research supervisor for Master and PhD Research. He is a program council member of the International Scientific Journal, Cywilizacja i Polityka, University of Gidansk, Poland. Professor Sinining is a Certified Research Professor in Eastern Europe. He is also a Certified Math and Computer Science Teacher in the United States and in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Professor Sinining is an advocate of Cultutal Diplomacy and participated the First White House Conference on Cultutal Diplomacy in 2001, hosted by the then First Lady Hillary Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright. He is a supporter of young and emerging artists in both pop and classical music. During this time, Professor Sinining served as Principal and Full Professor at John Jay School of Diplomacy and International Afaairs of Euclid University Consortium.

Professor Sinining is from the Philippines and lives in Rwanda since 2016.

Professor Sinining can be reached via email at

Click here to access various published papers in international journals, authored and co-authored by Prof. Sinining.

Dr. Vince Sinining
Prof. Sinining with President Kessai H. Note of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Ambassador Vinci Clodumar of the Republic of Nauru.

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