Scholarships and Programs

The Western Campus Group (WCG). WCG has affiliated university campuses in Paraguay, Honduras, Finland, Uruguay, Spain, Italy Liechtenstein, Bolivia, Chile, Jamaica, Montenegro, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Croatia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Denmark, Serbia, Macedonia, among others.

WCG is offering various scholarships and higher education programs to qualified applicants from Malawi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as top priority áreas. However, applicants from other African countries are encouraged to apply.

These special programs are in partnership with HTMA Global - an international hospitality and tourism professional membership body for hotels, airline companies, tourism business, managers and aspiring managers who work and study in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries. HTMA works with industry, community, government and universities in marketing their various programs around the world.

NOTE: Those interested for the 2023 on campus study scholarshp prip program offered by the Western Campus Group under HTMA Global, please contact us.

Investment Programs

HTMA Global offers diversified portfolios to investors in various sectors such as real estate, hotels, restaurants, tourism, universities, among others.

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Study on campus in Europe

Member universities of HTMA Global are offering on campus study program in WCG campuses for all levels - Bachelor, Master, and PhD level - for qualified applicants.

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