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Real Estate in Panama

Invest in real estate in Panama. Every day the value of land is increasing.

The Economy of Panama is permanently very promising even during the entire period of coronavirus because of the Panama Canal which permanently generate high revenue on daily basis.

Due to the very promising economy of Panama, the real estate business is equally very promising and inclining always.

Celebrities and famous actors and artists of the world have property in Panama because of its very famous and promising economy. For example, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton and other famous actors have very huge projects in Panama.

Prices of land are extremely high thus allowing any investment to easily recuperate the investment in very short time.

Ship handling Business

Due to high level of ships crossing the Panama Canal, the Ship handling activity is highly in demand. Million dollars business is generated in this activity which has a very guaranteed return on investment.

Hotel Business in Panama

Panama is a very excellent market for Hotel Business and our investors focus more on Ecological Hotels.

Minimum 10 per cent of shares can be offered to the interested Investors. This represents at least six million dollars.

Existing Hotel Business in Ecuador

We have equally excellent opportunities in the Republic of Ecuador as it is the Middle of the World and many bordering countries for regional trade and commerce. High Tourist arrivals are guaranteed.

Investment between 10 to 30 per cent shares of the property available for a 50 rooms hotel. The 10 percent represents at least 1.6 million dollars.

Other Hotel Business in Ecuador (coming soon)

A five-star capacity hotel is envisaged in the coast of Ecuador. Over 300 Hectares of land is available for the project.

It will be an Eco-Resorts and Hotels on the 300 hectares property which has giant trees dated over 200 years with cascades, rivers and plenty of water. The Hotel will have 600 rooms plus presidential and Royal Suites.

It will have also an Eco-Shopping Paradise with at least 500 shops accompanied by entertainment Park and other activities.

Any amount of investment can be offered starting from 1 million US dollars.

University Campus (Europe)

In some parts of Europe, we have our partner operating University Activities.

Resorts and Property Development (Globally)

We have the resorts and property development plus Hospitality Management Investment. This one is extremely high profile investment.

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