Published papers authored and co-authored by Prof. Vicente Sinining.

Determinants of International Research Collaboration in Uganda: Case Study Research Registered at Uganda National Council for Science and Technology

Lifelong Learning, Soft Skills and Employability of University Graduates through Creative Educational Environment

The Effect of Impossible Trinity on Financial Activities and Investment in Developing Countries.

Civic education in Rwanda: The impact of the Itorero program.

Sustainable Tourism Development: A Critique.

The Role of Educational Institutions in Sustainable Tourism Development in Rwanda.

The Role of Communities in Developing Sustainable Tourism in Rwanda.

Microfinance Institutions and Unemployment Alleviation in Rwanda: A Case of Réseau Interdiocésain de Microfinance (RIM Ltd).

Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management in the Hospitality Industry in Rwanda: A Case of Bethany Investment Group-Hotel (2016-2020).

The Need for Economic Diplomacy.

The Adoption of Strategic Management in Local Government Imihigo Process in Rwanda.

Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on Employees' Commitment in the Telecommunication Industry.

The Impact of COVID-19: The Case of Rwanda.