About VCS Research

VCS Research is an education and management consultancy/non -profit organization, founded in 1996, and incorporated in Washington, DC in 2000. It is also registered with Rwanda Development Board in Kigali, Rwanda in 2018 for its services in Africa. It is dedicated to empowering individuals, youth and women by providing them access to higher education and quality research. It is an affiliate of HTMA Global.

VCS Research Education Consultancy works with individuals by providing counsel in their pursuits to higher education, research endeavors, career development, and professional growth.

VCS Management Consulting provides advisory and implementation services to the senior management of organizations with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their strategy, organizational performance and operational processes.

VCS Research, represented by Prof. Vince Sinining, is the authorized representative of HTMA Global in Africa. HTMA Global is the official promoter and provider of various scholarships from Western Campus Group (WCG). WCG has affiliated university campuses in Paraguay, Honduras, Finland, Uruguay, Spain, Italy Liechtenstein, Bolivia, Chile, Jamaica, Montenegro, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Croatia, Luxembourg, Modova, Denmark, Serbia, Macedonia, among others.

Participation in our programs is voluntary and only qualified applicants will be considered in various scholarships offered by HTMA Global and its member universities. Programs currently offered include scholarships for on campus study in Europe and in South America, Degree Equivalency and Research-based degrees in all levels - Bachelor, Master, and PhD from the Western Campus Group.

VCS was founded in 1996 by Prof. Vicente "Vince" Sinining. It was incorporated in 2000 as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia, USA. During this time, the Council for Diplomacy and International Affairs (CODIA) was established and participated by students of Georgetown University, George Washington University and senior high school students in the Washington DC area. In 2018,VCS Research is registered at Rwanda Development Board in Kigali, Rwanda for its programs and services in East Africa since 2018.

CODIA focused its activities on increasing the understanding of the role of culture and internet communications technologies (ICT) in the conduct of diplomacy. It also aimed at preparing the youth in becoming effective leaders and diplomats in democratic societies. In promoting the role of culture in the conduct of diplomacy, CODIA conducted roundtable discussions with the distinguished members of the Diplomatic Corps attended by university and senior high school students. Many of the events were covered by C-SPAN TV in the USA. CODIA also participated in the First White House Conference on Cultural Diplomacy in 2000, hosted by First Lady Hilary Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright. The Conference was participated by diplomats and world renowned artists.

In 2018, VCS focused its activities on providing consultancy services on Human Capacity Development for Sustainable Development to various organizations and government agencies and represented HTMA Global in providing scholarships to students from Africa and around the world to affiliated universities in the Western Campus Group.

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Management Staff & Consultants

Dr. Vince Sinining Mr. Jordy Kabalisa

Arestina Morados

Ms. Rhoda Galos
Prof. Vince Sinining
Managing Director
Mr. Jordy Kabalisa
Coordinator, East Africa
Ms. Arestina Moradas
Coordinator, Asia-Pacific
Ms. Rhoda Galos
Coordinator, Oceania

Prof. Novembrietta Sumil

  Dr. Tengiz Magradze
Prof. Novembrietta Sumil
Mr. Gael A. Papillon
Youth Coordinator
Amb. Timothy Ihemadu
Dr. Tengiz Magradze

International Advisory Panel

Ambassador Timothy Ihemadu Rodrigo Hidalgo Fernando Falcon

Mr. Bruno Lovric

Amb. Timothy Ihemadu
Mr. Rodrigo Hidalgo
Mr. Fernando Falcon
Mr. Bruno Lovric
Bosnia & Herzegovina